Feb 27, 2010

You are pretty as a picture and we'd love to hang you.

I'm just a love pirate lookin' for some booty.

I think a duck's opinion of me is highly dependent upon whether or not I have bread.

define: Mastermind
Masterminds are rare, comprising of no more than one percent of the population. Although they are highly capable leaders, Masterminds are not at all eager to take command, preferring to stay in the background until others demonstrate their inability to lead. Masterminds do not feel bound by established rules and procedures, and traditional authority does not impress them. Only ideas that make sense to them are adopted; those that don't, aren't, no matter who thought of them. They verbalize the positive and avoid comments of a negative nature; they are more interested in moving an organization forward than dwelling on mistakes of the past.

"Doobidoob. A bit tired, maybe. Best not to say more. Bedways is rightways now, so best we go homeways + get a bit of spatchka. Right, right?"

mental floss prevents moral decay

when i say bitch jump, yeah thats what youll do

"The word of the day is legs. Let's go back to my crib and spread the word."

Over and over, drunk or sober, from October to October
I steadily feel like I'm gettin knocked over
And all the money in the world, don't make it better
And a whole bottle of alcohol, don't make it wetter
With a blur and a slur I'm still callin ya name
And on top of this drama you add fame? Wild


bitch youll have better luck tryna find 2 pac than me buyin you somethin off the ice cream truck

Drunk as hell but no throwin up
Half way home and my pager still blowin up
Today I didn't even have to use my A.K.
I gotta say it was a good day