Feb 20, 2010

Good evening, and welcome to Eazy's playhouse, you stupid muthafuckaaaaaa!

"Damn, why don't you pump this shit up so it could fuck up my eardrums a little bit!"

I'm the one there admirin' a bad mouth nigga on the violent tip. I catch you talkin' some shit and I'mma bust your lip

Eazy and Ren is fuckin' it up again schemin' up a plot before we begin cause niggaz like to stare like a bitch sometimes they say how can them niggaz have some a hell of a rhyme It's simple tell 'em what we mean when the two baddest muthafuckaz step on the scene

Hitting my switches, collect from my bitches The money that I make so I can add to my riches Fill my stash box and start rubbing my gat Feeling good as hell because my pockets are fat A hardcore villian cold roaming the streets And wit a homie like Dre just supplying the beats

Because I'm a gansta having fun
Never leave the pad without packing a gun
Hitting hard as fuk, I make you ask what was it
Boy you should have known by now, Eazy duz it