May 22, 2010

sex, drugs, immortal technique

We gotta be prepared in this day and age, we gotta be prepared for whatever comes the fuck at us. You cannot second guess yourself in these days and times. They're gonna throw whatever they can at you and you gotta be prepared for it. You gotta be prepared for anything

So don't jerk me around cuz my name ain't masturbation, Life is hard it'll leave you scarred cuz I been through shit, If you consider rap a job I SUGGEST THAT YOU QUIT!

You know theres no escaping even though your heart is racing
I'll put your best disciple on academic probation
Fuck the litigation, fuck the best rapper nominations
And fuck the president, I voted for assassinations
I'm saying fuck the federal bullshit investigations
Fuck the cover up of ghetto radiation extermination
Using my people for experimentation
And if doesn't play hip hop, then fuck your radio station

Yo what the fuck happened to reality spitting rhyme slayers? These days, everybodys tryin to be a thug or a player. Where did all the real motherfuckers go in the game?? Bring back the break dancers and graffiti writers with fame!

I remember hip hop before the mic cunt clapping cuz I used to drink forties with more flavor than these rappers!

You shoulda seen it coming long ago when you were very young
My word is through the father, holy spirit and his fucking son
Cuz when I grab the mic device in front of Christ and start to rip it
I'll make Jesus turn around and say, 'Yo pop, this nigga flipped it!'